Why don't you enter them into SFA?

 SFA is an abbreviation for "Sales Force Automation," which in Japanese means sales support system.

By utilizing the data accumulated in SFA,  https://slimtime.co.jp/  such as information about customers and sales activities, it is possible to increase sales and improve business performance.

However, some companies have introduced SFA, but are facing the problem that "sales representatives do not input data properly into SFA.

Here are some of the reasons why salespeople do not enter data into SFA, or why SFA is not established and utilized by the sales department.

1. Poor usability, making input a burden

2. The functions are difficult to understand and they have become frustrated.

Lack of motivation due to lack of understanding of the purpose of SFA implementation.

4. I don't feel the effects and benefits of implementing SFA.

These seem to be the causes.

The countermeasures are as follows.

Clarify the purpose of implementing SFA and share it with sales staff.

Ask sales representatives about the problems they are facing in their overall sales activities, such as sales and customer acquisition, and clarify what needs to be solved by implementing SFA.

Then, tell the sales representative the specific purpose of introducing SFA, such as "to accumulate and share customer information within the company, and to analyze that information to increase customer satisfaction.

2. Implement SFA with necessary and sufficient functions

Initially, it is recommended to choose a tool with the minimum necessary functions in line with the purpose of SFA implementation.

In the initial stage of implementation, it is also a good idea to divide the fields into mandatory and optional, and reduce the number of mandatory fields as much as possible.

3. Choose an SFA that is easy to operate and understand

A tool with poor usability and complicated operation will only cause stress to the sales staff. To ensure smooth retention, choose an SFA that is easy to use and understand.

If possible, it is a good idea to give the sales representatives a chance to test the operability and usability of the SFA by themselves before introducing it.

4. Prepare the work flow after the introduction

When introducing SFA, it is also important to prepare the workflow after the introduction. If the workflow is unclear, it will not only fail to take root among sales representatives, but there is also a high risk of omissions and errors.

Deciding in advance when, who, what, where, and how data should be entered into the SFA will greatly improve the retention rate after its introduction.

It is also recommended to prepare a manual on the use of SFA.

5. Choose an SFA vendor with a good support system

 If you are introducing SFA for the first time, or if you are concerned about the analysis and utilization of the data accumulated in SFA, it is a good idea to choose a vendor with a good support system.

We recommend a vendor who can immediately answer your questions about the operation and functions of SFA after its introduction, or provide extensive support from data analysis to utilization.

6. Use implementation support tools

There are several ways to streamline the input of information in SFA.

For customer information, you can scan and digitize business cards, or have customers fill out web forms (however, there are some problems with the accuracy of the information when using web forms), and for corporate attribute information, you can use corporate database services.

Considering these measures, I recommend SlimTime's "Sugar Spot" SFA.

This SFA is designed and built from the perspective of a salesperson, so it is very easy to use.

This is a recommended SFA, please consider it.

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